How it works

You call us on 01953 860918 or 07775 614202

We come to you when you want us to 7 days a week, even in the evenings.
We look at the clearance taking into account the waste items and items that can be re used.
We then price the resaleable items and offer you on the balance.

This will not cost you 1 penny.

If you are satisfied with the FREE Quotation then you can be paid in cash or cheque whichever suits you. We give you a receipt for the clearance.

We will then clear the property taking the items out as carefully as they were put in.

There will be adequate staff and vehicles to do the job and we are happy to drop the keys back to you if required and just when you think what a great service we offer – which we do.

With a full property clearance we clean the premises Free of Charge.